Consultancy Vertical

HotFut sports is now synonymous with delivering ROIs on sporting assets. Moving the sports investment from the capital expense column of the P&L to an investments and Revenue source is our forte’ Our ability to consistently deliver thriving sporting communities with a sustainable and economically viable return on investment has been the driving force of our success and the success of our development partners. We offer a range of service verticals from Ideation to design to execution and delivery. The Consultancy Vertical is the First Vertical in our process and Service offering.

Project Discovery Phase

‘WHY’ we are Building the sports project

Project/ Developer background, intent and desired outcomes.
Demographic study, site survey & location assessment surveys.
Catchment analysis, Target Group Identification & Expendable income analysis.

Potential customer Survey and Capture..

‘WHat’,‘WHere’ and ‘WHEN’ we Should Build sports project

The Facilities, Model & Customer & Capital identified we move to project Design Phase. Identifying location & Layout, Detailed Plan & mapping. We work with the development partner & create the entire facility detailed drawing, 3D, and look & feel of the facility.

Ranging from low CapEx Pay and Play facilities from 10,000 sq ft to High Capex 20 Acre Membership-based Sports Clubs, the model is jointly arrived at from the Discovery Phase Data.

Identifying and attracting the right model is the critical and subset of delivering economically sustainable projects.

This Phase helps the developer and HotFut understand each and every asset and facility being developed and assign a cost centre budget and revenue head to the facility individually and close the Project Discovery Phase and Move on to the Project Execution Stage

Project Execution Phase


Now that we know Why and for whom we are building the project, we have identified what we are building with which facilities and where. We accurately arrive at the Capital budget required to build the facility.


Capital Budgets – Covering all Capital Expenses required to build the project.


Project Negotiation and Deal Closure between Developer and HotFut.


Club Income Statement covering Revenues from all identified assets and facilities.


Cash-Flow statements which include Debt Equity planning and cash structuring.


ROI Delivery – Return on investment timelines and Project life profitability and IRR.


Club O&M Budget covering all cost of operations, management and maintenance of the project.

‘how’ and With ‘Whom’ we should
build sports

We identify the right Vendors and contractors to build the project.
We finalise School programs and O&M team and model.
We negotiate and close brand deals

We suggest and create a detailed BOQ for the developer

The right Brand partners for academies, F&B and Fitness depending on our discovery phase data.

Once the financial are agreed upon, the terms of engagement finalised & LOI signed between the developer & HotFut we move onto the last stage of the process. HOW & with whom.

We Finalise Software, APP, Sales and Marketing and club services training to employees.

Finally we arrive at the end product ON PAPER of a Project, Location & TG specific Viable & Sustainable Sports Project. Capable of delivering all objectives & outcomes desired within a defined ROI model.

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